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Books: Suspense & Mystery

03/11/2016 08:00AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

SOIL By Jamie Kornegay, Simon And Schuster $26.00

James Mize, an environmental scientist, moves his beautiful wife and 6-year-old son to a farm in the Mississippi hills, where he hopes to create a modern day alternate to dirt farming. He’s first met by a three-month drought followed by a disastrous flood, destroying all his efforts while suffering the abandonment of his wife and son. Then, he finds a dead body on his farm and is convinced he’s being set up by hostile townspeople. He responds by doing something so uncharacteristically stupid, it causes him to fear for his life. This suspenseful debut will keep readers up all night waiting for the knock on the door.

A PATTERN OF LIES By Charles Todd, William Morrow $25.99

Bess Crawford, battlefield nurse, gets a furlough and decides to visit a friend and former patient in Kent. There she meets her friend’s father, the former owner of the local armament factory that blew up two years before. Now, he is jailed, charged with deliberately causing the blast and even the town has turned against him and his family. Bess, intrepid sleuth that she is, uses her talents to search for the one lone eyewitness to the explosion, but can he be found in time? 

NYPD RED 4 By James Patterson & Marshall Karp, Little, Brown  $28.00

When NYPD RED, the elite police team dedicated to serving and protecting the city’s rich and famous, top cops Zach and his partner (and former lover) drop everything head to the scene. This time, it’s the theft of an eight million dollar diamond necklace ripped off the neck of a beautiful starlet attending a premier. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and the starlets is shot and killed. Before Zach and Cybil can gain momentum in solving the case, they’re diverted by the Mayor to something he deems more important: the theft of expensive medical testing equipment from hospitals in the city. This added burden puts a strain on the pair, and their personal relationships. 

Today, In Print NYPD RED 4 A PATTERN OF LIES Jamie Kornegay SOIL

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