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02/19/2016 07:58AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

Incorporating 2016 Design Trends

By Shanna Perkins 

When it comes to trends, your home isn’t like your wardrobe. It’s not as simple to replace everything in your home when styles change. Maintaining a current, modern aesthetic without putting a date stamp on your home isn’t the easiest act to balance. Some items and styles are easy to implement and remove when their time has passed and others you’re stuck with. We’ll look at some new design options to try in the New Year and ways to incorporate them so that you don’t have to change them as soon as the clock strikes midnight on 2017.  

Rose Quartz & Serenity 

In some circles, waiting for the announcement of the Pantone color of the year rivals waiting to find out who won “The Voice” or waiting for your food to come to the table at your favorite restaurant. It’s a big deal. It sets the design tone for the entire year. And this year, Pantone did something they’ve never done by choosing two colors to serve as the color of the year – rose quartz and serenity. The combination of these two colors is the visual equivalent of a deep tissue massage. Calming, ethereal and dreamy. 

Pantone takes note of cultural and social trends before selecting their color. For 2016, they thought the world could use a little peace. Their website states, “Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.” 

This year, trends will promote the creation of a tranquil space. And who can argue with that? The great thing about these colors is that their softness will allow them to be prevalent even after Pantone chooses a new color of the year. Try incorporating them with items like pillows and rugs. Items that can be easily removed when we’re all back to loving neons in five years. 


Technology has become, in many ways, a part of home décor. And that’s fine; it makes life incredibly easy. But, maybe there are some areas of the home that should be free of walls of wires and cables. Tech-less living rooms are becoming increasingly popular. This doesn’t mean you can’t scan Instagram on your iPad while cozied up in your favorite chair. It just means that the room isn’t designed with technology in mind. Basically, your furniture won’t be pointed at a flat screen TV. 

Socially, the best thing about this trend is that it gives you a place to relax and reconnect. From a design stand point it opens up your floor plan entirely. You can place furniture wherever you’d like without worrying about guests straining their necks to see the television. 

If arranging furniture without a focal point isn’t something you’re into, the next trend for 2016 will be your saving grace. And incorporating it will still allow you to experiment with a tech-less living room! 


Fire It Up 

There has never been a time when it wasn’t cool to have a fireplace. But now, designers are putting them in unlikely rooms and making them the sole focal point. Instead of placing a TV on top of the mantle, people are allowing the fireplace to speak for itself – to take center stage. And it’s living up to expectations. The style of 2016’s fireplaces ranges from modern to Mediterranean and they become not only assets to the décor, but main components.  There’s a fireplace to fit the style of every room in every home. And this trend will never go out of style. 

Green Acres

“Farmhouse style is trending for 2016,” says Walteen Broussard owner of Sweet Interiors. “Stripping away the need for fancy flourishes or decor for decor’s sake, farmhouse style gets at the root of function.  This style makes sense in any room where simplicity in decorating and durability in materials are important.”

The great thing about farmhouse style is that it’s easy to experiment with because it isn’t about adding, it’s about taking away. If you’re already living in your home, begin striping away items you don’t need. If you’re just beginning to decorate, great, you don’t have to go much further to achieve this look. It’s lightness makes it the perfect complement to the décor of adjacent rooms. 

This style developed out of necessity. Farmers needed homes and those homes reflected their needs and the materials and goods that were found around them. To achieve this style try adding these elements: burlap, distressed accessories, mason jars, a dark rustic tables, painted wood planked walls, a farmhouse sink or white kitchen cabinets. 

Paint It Black 

One of the trends that designers keep saying we’ve seen the last of is the popularity of rosy and high gloss metals that were everywhere in 2015. It’s being replaced with black metal. While this trend may sound heavy, it’s actually a great asset to other metals, glass and almost any wood. 

In the past, black metal has only been used for outdoor furniture or the parts of the furniture you can’t see. But now its subtlety lends itself to interior hardware and flatware. This is also what makes it a great trend to try. It’s not flashy so it won’t be glaring at you for years to come. 

Put Your Feet Up 

Comfort never goes out of style! And Carlo Foti of Foti Furniture says that sales have proven exactly how comfortable customers want to be, but they are forgoing style to achieve it. 

“The big trend in furniture right now is reclining furniture,” he explains. “We are seeing an increase in the sales of sofas and love seats that have recliners built into them. I feel the main reason for this is most families are enjoying more time at home, watching television or relaxing at the end of a long school day and want to enjoy the comfort of coming home and relaxing in a recliner. With the sofa and love seat reclining, giving you four recliners, the entire family can enjoy the comfort of sitting together and relaxing.”

True, when you think design, “recliner” doesn’t instantly come to mind. Most of us have associations of our father or grandfather’s recliner. The only chair he would sit it. The chair that was off limits to anyone else. Today’s recliners are far from that. They’re sleek and can be incorporated into any décor scheme. 

“Companies such as La-Z-Boy, Lane Ashley and Southern Motion, all of which we have in stock at Foti Furniture, have made these reclining sofas and love seats very easy to incorporate into any décor,” Foti says. “It used to be that when customers, particularly ladies, thought of reclining furniture they thought ‘bulky.’ That’s not the case anymore. Today, the styles range from sleek, contemporary to southern traditional. You can also choose the fabric or leather for your new reclining furniture. This gives the customer a more personalized touch to go along with any color scheme they may already have in place.” 

Mix & Match 

The eclectic, mismatched design theme will always have a place in the hearts of those who have a fear of matching. For 2016, the mix and match style has settled into the kitchen in the form of mixed materials and cabinets. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and this design style creates a warm, comfortable vibe that’s more personal. Instead of the clean style consisting of two or three materials, designers are suggesting using multiple opposing styles. A show kitchen in this style featured rustic wood ceiling, a white subway tile backsplash, a vintage inspired rug and glossy white countertops. 

It’s easy to get this look with eclectic accessories, but if you really want to go for it, try the popular look of mismatched cabinets. While the thought of this may make old school design addicts cringe, it’s 2016, let’s do this. We aren’t talking every door contrasting the next, more like all of the doors being eschewed from the style of the cabinets, floor and the rest of the décor. 

Personal Spa

Your dream has finally come true. Bathrooms that more closely resemble living spaces are so in for 2016. They’re getting larger and more ornate. Sweet Interior’s Walteen Broussard explains how you can simply add a few key elements to your bathroom to give it that luxurious feel. 

“Bathrooms that feel more like living spaces are huge right now,” she states.  “Graphic wallpaper or art, ornate chandeliers and furniture-like pieces turn sterile spaces into ones that feel a lot more like home.”

While homes that are currently being constructed are designing bathrooms with large sitting areas, expansive closets and tubs you can swim in, you can easily recreate the same feel with a few plush pieces of furniture, fresh flowers and delicate lighting.

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