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Books: You Make Learning Fun

01/15/2016 07:57AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

Knopf $23.95

Kushner, whose previous bestseller was, “Why Bad Things Happen To Good People,” now shares what he’s learned in his half century as a congregational rabbi that has shaped his senses of religion and morality. Just scanning three of the nine chapter headings deliver insights that are intriguing and inspirational; “God Does Not Send the Problem; God Sends Us the Strength to Deal with the Problem;” “Forgiveness is a Favor You Do Yourself;” and “To Feel Better About Yourself, Find Someone to Help.” Each chapter expands on these themes with Kushner’s ecumenical reflections that bridge all religious borders. 

The WITCHES By Stacy Schiff, Little, Brown $32

Stacy Schiff upends the many misconceptions about the Salem Witch trials of 1692; that the trials went on for years, all witches were women and, those convicted, were burned at the stake. Wrong on all counts. Only 19 people, including a minister, were victims and they were hanged, not burned, all within the space of just nine months. The Witch-hunts began with the strange behavior of a Salem minister’s niece, “writhing and roaring” which soon had neighbors versus neighbors, friends accusing friends and hordes of innocents arrested.  Schiff devoted four years in the research for this very readable and accessible book that clears many myths long thought facts. 

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