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Books: Local And Noteworthy

12/22/2015 08:43AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

Former Judge Anne L. Simon follows up her debut novel, “Blood in the Canfield” with “Blood in the Lake.” Set in a corner of New Iberia, the body of 80-year-old, Pierre Boudreaux, patriarch of the Boudreaux family, is pulled up out of Lake Peigneur.  Soon, another body is discovered and District Attorney Tom Barnett has almost more than he can handle. 


In a lighter vein, Alice J. Voorhies revisits growing up “Once Upon A Time In New Iberia.” In her delightful and entertaining memoir, Voorhies takes us along on Avery Island picnics and fishing trips on Cypremort Point, her school days at Mt. Carmel Academy, then USL. It’s nostalgic fun and all too short.  

More muted are the recollections of Blaine Lourd in his memoir “Born on the Bayou” of growing up in New Iberia to working the star-studded streets of Los Angeles as a financial advisor to the rich and famous alongside his brother, Bryan. 

Are you Psycho? Then read Greg Guirard’s “Psycho Therapy For Cajuns” to learn that you are not alone. If laughter is a cure for psychosis, he will have you cured in no time. Read it and be well.

Finally, in an incredibly short 50 pages, UL Professor Louis M. Houston’s “Decryption” is a dissertation on science, philosophy, mathematics, quantum mechanics and information theory. Read it slowly. 

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