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Books: Adventurous Anecdotes

12/18/2015 08:18AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

THE REDEEMERS By Ace Atkins, Putnam $26.95

It’s New Year’s Eve in Tibbehaw County and Sherriff Quinn Colson is wrapping up the last night of his term, having been ousted by the voters under the influence of powerbroker, Johnny Stagg. Quinn’s last investigation involves a break-in into the house of a wealthy mill owner and theft of his “burglar-proof” safe containing nearly $1 million dollars in cash. More valuable are two accounting books revealing his nefarious deals with Stagg, worth far more than money. One thief, an 18-year-old hot head, shoots a deputy, which only intensifies the search by Quinn and his longtime deputy, Lillian Virgil, who stands with Quinn until the old year ends and the New Year begins…with a bang.

THE MURDER HOUSE By James Patterson and David Ellis, Little, Brown $28

It’s a magnificent, multimillion-dollar house in the Hamptons, deserted since a series of depraved murders years before and considered haunted. When discharged New York detective, Jenna Murphy returns home to the Hamptons hoping to rehabilitate her life and career, she’s shocked to find the place a hotbed of depravity. When a Hollywood couple is found dead in the house, she involves herself in the investigation putting her own life in mortal danger. Lots of Patterson twists and turns will keep readers guessing until the very end. 

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