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Books: Stretch Your Mind

11/20/2015 08:23AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

LET’S BE LESS STUPID By Patricia Marx, 12 Publishing $22

Here’s a book of quizzes that will amuse, astonish and aggravate you, but it’s also great fun. First, to find your Mental Age, you’re asked to answer questions like these:
1. What’s that thing you put in that thing you take pictures with? If you answered “FILM”, you’re too old. The answer is MEMORY CARD. 2. Who’s the guy who isn’t Robert De Niro? Give up? It’s Al Pacino. See where she’s going with these non-traditional quizzes? Worry not. You’ll quickly get with it and by the end, be much smarter.  

THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB By David Lagercrantz, Knopf $27.95

The voice is familiar even though it’s not Stieg Larsson’s, the creator of the Millennium Series starring Lisbeth Salander. Lagercrantz, a bestselling Swedish author, is the ideal choice to continue the Millennium series and does so more than adequately in “Spider’s Web.” This episode features exceptional characters, notably: an autistic boy who is a double savant, art and mathematics; the boy’s father, a professor able to blow the lid off all codes and government secrets; Lisbeth’s evil sister (who knew?); and investors who saved Millennium magazine but threaten star journalist, Mikael Blomkvist’s job. It’s only half way through the novel that Lisbeth makes her entrance with her uncanny code breaking ability that once again, rescues her sometime lover, Mikael. Faithful fans of the series will be amply rewarded. 

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