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Books: Secrets Uncovered

11/17/2015 08:26AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

MAKE ME A Jack Reacher Novel By Lee Child, Delacorte Press $28.99

Reacher is on a train going where, he doesn’t care, since he’s got nothing else to do. When the train stops at tiny Mother’s Rest, his curiosity is piqued and naturally, he detrains and determines to learn the meaning of the town’s name, only to be distracted by a very attractive young woman. Michelle Chang is a Private Investigator whose partner has gone missing. Reacher joins her in her search but both are soon advised to get out of town. Hmm, not too smart to threaten Reacher who’s now more determined than ever to discover what’s hidden here. Together, Reacher and Michelle crisscross the country racking up clues and inviting vicious attacks. Everything you’d expect from a Reacher novel including a trip to the Dark Web and maybe a bit more.

FRICTION By Sandra Brown, Grand Central $26

Texas Ranger Crawford Hunt, who lost custody of his daughter to her grandparents after his wife died, is back in court trying to win her back. That decision is up to Judge Holly Spencer who is reluctant to rule in his favor until a crazed gunman crashes her courtroom and aims a gun at her. Crawford who instinctively protects her with his body saves her. Her decision, now deferred, is conflicted by her debt to him and even more by a strong attraction to him. Crawford, on the other hand, learns a frightening secret that puts him, Holly, and even his daughter in danger.