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2015 Election Guide

10/20/2015 08:08AM ● By Aimee Cormier

The qualifying for state and local races concluded on Sept. 10 and all candidates are primed for the Oct. 24 primary elections. On the table are the statewide offices of governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, treasurer and agriculture and insurance commissioner. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of candidates from our five parish coverage are, the statewide elections and the 2015 proposed constitutional amendments. 



Scott Angelle - Republican 

Beryl Billiot - No Party 

Jay Dardenne - Republican 

Cary Deaton - Democrat 

John Bel Edwards - Democrat 

Jeremy ‘JW’ Odom - No Party 

Eric Paul Orgeron - Other 

S.L. Simpson - Democrat 

David Vitter - Republican 

Lieutenant Governor 

Elbert Lee Guillory - Republican 

Kip Holden - Democrat 

Billy Nungesser - Republican 

John Young - Republican 

Secretary of State

Tom Schedler - Republican 

Chris Tyson - Democrat 

Attorney General 

Geraldine “Geri” Broussard Baloney - Democrat 

Buddy Caldwell - Republican 

Ike Jackson - Democrat 

Jeff Landry - Republican 

Marty Maley - Republican 


John Neely Kennedy - Republican 

Jennifer Treadway - Republican 

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry 

Charlies Greer - Democrat 

Adrian “Ace” Juttner - Green 

Jamie LeBranche - Republican 

Michael Strain - Republican 

Commissioner of Insurance 

Jim Donelon - Republican 

Donald Hodge - Democrat 

Charolette C. McDaniel McGehee - Democrat 

Matt Parker - Republican 

Iberia Parish 


Louis Ackal 

David “Spike” Boudoin

Roberta Boudreaux

Joe LeBlanc 

Bobby Jackson 

Clerk of Court 

Mike Thibodeaux 

Tax Assessor 

Rickey Huval 


Dr. Carl Ditch 

Parish President 

David Ditch 

Larry Richard

Parish Council District 1

Maggie Daniels  

Francis “Tommy” Pollard Sr. 

Parish Council District 2

Joseph Davis Jr. 

Parish Council District 3

Tommy Landry 

Ronnie Migues 

Parish Council District 4

Lloyd Brown 

Parish Council District 5 

Warren Gachassin Jr. 

Tim Gautreau 

Parish Council District 6 

Bernard Broussard 

Natalie Broussard 

Parish Council District 7

John Berard Jr. 

Paul Landry 

Parish Council District 8 

Ricky Gonsoulin 

Robert Jordan 

Parish Council District 9 

Joel Dugas 

Scott Ransonet

Parish Council District 10 

Roger Duncan 

Gerrit “T-Blu” Landry 

Eugene Olivier Sr. 

Parish Council District 11

Robert Gates

Brian Napier 

Parish Council District 12

Aquicline Rener-Arnold 

Berwick “June” Francis Jr. 

Parish Council District 13

Chris Feller 

Marty Trahan  

Parish Council District 14

Mathew Henry 

Chad Maturin 

David Wayne Romero 

Loreauville Mayor

Brad Clifton  

Loreauville Alderman 

John Broussard 

Jeanerette Alderman 

Randy Alexander

Charles “Charlie Brown” William 

Lafayette Parish 


“Rick” Chargois

Mark T. Garber 

Chad Leger

John Rogers

Clerk of Court 

Louis Perret 


Conrad Comeaux 

Rachelle Falgout


Kenneth Odinet Jr. 

City Parish President 

Joel Robideaux 

Dee Stanley 

City Parish Council District 1

Kevin Naquin 

City Parish Council District 2

Joseph “Jay” Castille Jr. 

Charlotte Stemmans Clavier 

City Parish Council District 3

Ursula Anderson 

Patrick “Pat” Lewis 

John Petersen

Brandon Shelvin 

City Parish Council District 4

Kenneth Boudreaux

City Parish Council District 5

Jared Bellard

Monique Koll 

City Parish Council District 6

Alicia Chaisson

Bruce Conque 

“Andy” Naquin

Sevie Zeller 

City Parish Council District 7

Nanette Cook 

Joseph “Bobby” Richard 

City Parish Council District 8

Elizabeth Webb Hebert 

Gerald Judice 

Carol Ross

City Parish Council District 9

William Theriot 

St. Martin Parish


Corey Broussard

Albert “Buz” LeBlanc

Brian Theriot

Ronald “Ronny” Theriot 

Parish President 

Guy Cormier

Clerk Of Court 

Espinola Alexander-Quinn

Becky Patin

Tax Assessor 

Delores Bourda

Todd Dugas


Warren Degatur Jr. 

Parish Council District 1

Pete Delcambre 

Byron Fuselier 

Parish Council District 2

Jess “Poppa” Crosier

Lisa Nelson 

Parish Council District 3

Jason Willis 

Parish Council District 4

Neil Thibodeaux 

Parish Council District 5

Clay Courville 

Chris Tauzin

St. Mary Parish 


Mark Hebert 

Doug Perry 

Blaise Smith


Clerk of Court 

Cliff Dressel 

Tax Assessor 

Jarrod Longman 


Dr. F.H. “Chip” Metz Jr. 

Parish President 

Gary Duhon

David Hanagriff

Parish Council District 1

Craig Mathews 

Patrice Picard

Toney Wade

Lue Washington 

Parish Council District 2

Ella Hamilton 

J. Ina 

Parish Council District 3

Wendell Bogan 

Paul Gil 

Rodney Olander 

Dale Rogers 

Parish Council District 9

Mac Bruno 

William Frost 

Paul Naquin Jr. 

Parish Council District 10

Steve Bierhorst 

Reginald Weary

Parish Council District 11

Kevin Voisin 

Baldwin Board Alderman 

Donald Grimm 

Phil Prejean 

Vermilion Parish 


Michael Couvillion 

Toby Walker 

Clerk of Court 

Diane Broussard

Tax Assessor 

Gabe Marceaux


Myriam Hutchinson

Police Jury District 3

Nathan Granger 

Police Jury District 6

Mark Poche 

Police Jury District 8 

Errol Domingues 

2015 Proposed Constitutional Amendments 

Proposed Amendment No. 1

Act No. 473, Senate Bill No. 202, Regular Session, 2015, by Senator Adley 

“Do you support an amendment to rename the Budget Stabilization Fund to the Budget And Transportation Stabilization Trust; to authorize the mineral revenue base to be increased every five years; to create the Budget Stabilization Subfund as a subfund in the Trust, to be funded with mineral revenues until reaching a maximum balance of five hundred million dollars to be appropriated and used when the state has a deficit; to create the Transportation Stabilization  Subfund as a subfund in the Trust, to be funded with mineral revenues until reaching a maximum balance of five hundred million dollars, to be appropriated and used for planning, design, construction, and maintenance connected with the state highway program, with twenty percent dedicated for use by the Louisiana Intermodal Connector Program; and to provide for the interruption of deposits into the Budget Stabilization Subfund and Transportation Trust Subfund the year that the state has a deficit and the following year with the resumption of deposit of mineral revenues in the Budget and Transportation Stabilization Trust thereafter?” 

(Amends Article VII, Section 10(D)(2)(d), 10.3(A)(introductory paragraph) and (A)(2)(a)(introductory paragraph) and (b), and 10.5(B); adds Article VII, Section 10.3(A)(2)(c))

Proposed Amendment No. 2

Act No. 471, House Bill No. 618, Regular Session, 2015, by Representative St. Germain and Representative Armes. 

“Do you support an amendment to authorize the investment of funds for a state infrastructure bank to be used solely for transportation projects?” 

(Amends Article VII, Section 14(B))

Proposed Amendment No. 3

Act. No. 472, House Bill No. 518, Regular Session, 2015, by Representative Stokes

“Do you support an amendment to allow any legislation regarding the dedication of revenue, rebates, and taxes to be considered during a fiscal legislative session?”

(Amends Article III, Section 2(A)(4)(b))

Proposed Amendment No. 4

Act No. 470, House Bill No. 360, Regular Session, 2015, by Representative Chaney and Senator Thompson 

“Do you support an amendment to specify that the ad valorem property tax exemption for public lands and other public property shall not apply to land or property owned by another state or a political subdivision of another state?”

(Amends Article VII, Section 21 (A))