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From The Publisher: October 2015

10/09/2015 07:55AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

Will you vote in the October 24th Election?

By Art Suberbielle

Coffee shops and break rooms are filled with talk about the upcoming election. Opinions about who is the best candidate for each position in this election cover the entire field of candidates. Supporters of each candidate are ready and willing to unload a multitude of reasons why “their” candidate is better than another. 

The October primary followed by the general election in November will undoubtedly change the landscape in Louisiana for better or worse. That decision is up to you – IF you actually cast your vote. In the last gubernatorial election on Oct. 22, 2011, only 31.4 percent of the state’s registered voters turned out. This is appalling. It’s shameful that so many people take their privilege to vote for granted. Over the last few years, complaints about how local and state government operates have grown considerably. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain. Since Jindal is term-limited, Louisiana voters will elect a new governor as well as a number of other major state-wide officials. Will only 31 percent of us choose the next governor?

In Iberia Parish, we continually hear a litany of complaints about the current parish government administration. On Oct. 24, voters will choose a new Parish President and perhaps several new members of the Parish Council. There’s also a large field of candidates running for sheriff.  Will you make your voice heard?  Four years ago, in the October, 2011 election, only 39 percent of the registered voters in Iberia Parish cast their ballots. If you have plans on Oct. 24, you will have a full week to vote absentee. You can vote at the Iberia Registrar of Voters Office in the Court House on Iberia Street from Oct. 10 through the 17. The only way to make a change in the political system is to vote. 

There’s also five important propositions to amend the Iberia Parish Charter on this ballot. Each of these offer significant potential changes. Find out more about these before you enter the voting booth. The Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce has a very clear explanation of each of these on their web site. Here’s the link:

Probably most of you reading this column plan to vote. Please encourage others to exercise one of their most valuable rights as an American citizen by voting.

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