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From The Publisher: September 2015

09/11/2015 08:00AM ● By Aimee Cormier

Will Donald Trump Influence Louisiana’s Elections?

By Art Suberbielle

What do you think about Donald Trump? He is brash, outspoken, often speaks without giving much thought before answering, but absolutely solid in his convictions (regardless whether anyone else agrees with him). And he has single-handedly changed the way the 2016 Presidential Election will unfold. Interestingly, all of this rhetoric is playing very well among the general public. He is the topic of coffee room conversations everywhere, with some joking about what he has said, while others believe his words are gospel. 

As I write this column, qualifying for the Oct. 24 elections in Louisiana are just a few days away. Will any of the candidates take a cue from Trump and speak out as boldly about their positions and plans? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to know what a candidate really thinks about the issues facing us? I, for one, am tired of hearing countless commercials that make personal attacks on a candidate’s opponents. Wouldn’t it be refreshing and enlightening to hear a candidate’s position on key issues and his proposed specific solutions?

During the Jindal administration, our state’s spending has grown at an alarming rate for too many pet projects and lucrative consulting contracts. What’s more, many of the key problems facing us, such as deteriorating roads, bridges and state buildings, have not been addressed. Funding for education is another area that has suffered greatly during this governor’s term. When the initial budget has come up out of balance, education has been cut to bring it into balance. Before we vote for a new governor, we deserve to know exactly how each candidate proposes to handle these concerns. We need long-term solutions that address the issues, not just short-term fixes as has been the case.

Hopefully, the Trump influence will trickle down to this upcoming election in Louisiana. It would be a refreshing change. 

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