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Books: Right Place, Wrong Time

09/04/2015 10:51AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

THE ACCIDENT By Chris Pavone, Broadway Books $15 Softcover

Literary agent, Isabel Reed, frantically hoping to find a new author and book that will restore her elevated place in the publishing world, can barely contain her excitement when an anonymous and explosive manuscript reaches her desk. Full of shocking revelations that could implicate American presidents and CIA directors, she realizes it puts her life in jeopardy if it’s discovered, and she has plenty of reasons to worry. Meanwhile, CIA operative Hayden Gray goes in search of the mysterious author in an attempt to block the publication of the book, but he’s in for more than he bargains for when he learns innocent people could, and do, die. It’s the exciting follow-up from Chris Pavone whose debut novel, “The Expats” was a bestseller now optioned for a movie. 

I SAW A MAN By Owen Sheers, Doubleday $25.95

Michael Turner, grieving the death of his young journalist wife Caroline on assignment in Pakistan, moves to London and befriends his new neighbors and their two children. While attempting to return a screwdriver, he finds the door to their house open. He calls out and when he hears no response, he begins to investigate by moving from room to room. Suddenly and unexpectedly, he precipitates a terrible incident that terrifies him, fills him with guilt and puts his relations with his neighbors in jeopardy. Death by drones, the fall of Lehman Brothers and characters in search of redemption add to this engrossing story.