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Books: Mysterious Tales

08/14/2015 08:24AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

FORGETTING PLACE By John Burley, William Morrow $14.95 

Dr. Lise Shield was warned when she arrived at Menaker Psychiatric hospital that that the patients there were not so much cured as held captive. Seems it’s Maryland’s judicial system’s final destination for persons convicted of perpetrating heinous crimes and insuring they are never released. But Lise finds the newest patient, Jason, has not been convicted and apparently does not belong there. She’s further concerned with two mysterious men who are watching her and apparently want to physically remove her. It’s another chilling mystery by the writer who brought us “The Absence of Mercy.”

DARK CITY LIGHTS Edited by Lawrence Block, Three Room s Press $18.95

Love a good noir mystery? How about 23 of them from some of the world’s best writers? Editor Block is so selfless he puts his entry last, but it’s the one I went to first. In it his favorite character, Keller, a paid assassin is hired to murder…a dog. It’s a tongue-in-cheek bit of fun from Block and thoroughly enjoyable as are the other nearly two-dozen “whodunits.” What they all have in common is the setting, New York City, but they could maintain the same gripping chills in any setting. It’s a great take-a-long for your next flight. Enjoy.


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