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Books: Messages from the Past

08/07/2015 08:00AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

FINDERS KEEPERS By Stephen King, Scribner $30.00

Author John Rothstein infuriated his many fans decades ago when he ceased publishing stories about his fictional character, Jimmy Gold. One such fan, Morris Bellamy, believes Rothstein has continued to write the Gold series and has secretly stashed away the manuscripts along with cash in his safe. Morris is so livid; he kills Rothstein and steals his notebooks and cash, hiding them in a trunk under a tree.  Before he can spend any of it, Morris is convicted of a drunken rape and sentenced to life in prison. Years later young Pete Saubers, whose Dad was crippled and jobless, accidentally discovers the trunk and begins mailing money to his nearly destitute parents anonymously until it runs out, then considers selling the Jimmy Gold notebooks. When Morris gets released early from prison, his first and only goal is to find his hidden loot no matter the cost. The tension and suspense is excruciating until the very end. 

 DISCLAIMER By Renée Knight, Harper $25.99

This is a mesmerizing novel about a woman, Catherine, who has a secret so terrible it’s easy enough to understand why she dreads it ever being revealed, especially to her husband, son or anyone else she knows. When a novel mysteriously appears on her bedside, she’s shocked to realize it is about her and graphically reveals the secret she’s been hiding. Only one other person knew about it and that person was dead, so who is doing this? Obviously, someone enraged enough to write this book, and when copies are delivered anonymously to her husband and son, she knows that she must confront the past at the risk of everything she loves.

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