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Fathers Know Best

06/09/2015 08:29AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

The role of a father is an irreplaceable one. He acts as his son’s first best friend, his daughter’s first love and a role model to both. Growing up, the last person a child often wants to hear advice from is their parent. But once you become an adult you realize, they were right. No mater how unsolicited, Dad’s advice always rings true. Readers shared with us the most valuable lessons their fathers ever taught them. 

Ashley C. Hinson 

“My father taught me that it’s never too late to grow. He’s in his 50s, but will frequently take on new activities and professional endeavors. He taught me how to laugh and how to make others laugh. The secret to a good joke, and to anything, is timing as much as delivery.”

Allison Yeasting

The best lesson I learned from my dad was to control my anger and not go around kicking random buckets. You never know which bucket is full of dried cement. ” 

Noelle Brigman 

 “Daddy always said, ‘If you want to have friends, never discuss politics or religion and speak very little. Just smile agreeably and people will say you were a great conversationalist.’ He was right. Thanks, Dad.”

Becca Cord

“The most valuable thing my dad taught me is literally everything. He taught me about car maintenance, but also how to make a killer poached egg for dinner. Thanks to him, I’ll never break down or miss out on the joys of breakfast for dinner.”

Lisa Hanchey  

“My dad encouraged me to go to law school at a time when not many women were attorneys. He guided me throughout my career and was right all along, even though I didn’t want to admit it at the time. He passed away in 2009, and there are many times that I wish I could still call him for advice. A friend once told me, ‘Spend all the time you can with your father. You will never regret it.’ She was right.”

Enola Marie 

“He showed me how to respect people.”

Amy Bernard Sonia

“That to get anything worthwhile in life you need to work hard. Because you truly respect and value the things you earn more than things that are handed to you for nothing.”

Nellie Mouton

“He showed me what love was and to respect others. He also taught me how to make a garden that could provide for 10 children and two adults.”

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