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05/12/2015 08:39AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

 DARK ROOMS By Lili Anolik, William Morrow $25.99

“The first time I saw Nica after she died was at Jamie Amory’s Fourth of July party.” With this first line Miss Anolik opens her debut novel with a fascinating narrator, Nica’s older sister, Grace.  Both girls were high school students in a very exclusive New England prep school where both parents worked. Grace was older and Nica was her mentor, the most outgoing, interesting and popular of the two. When Nica was found dead from a bullet wound, Grace, who relied on her younger sister for advice, was devastated. Later, after dropping out of college, the drug addicted Grace returns home and is not satisfied with the quickie solution to Nica’s murder. She determines to solve the case herself. And, that’s when the chills really start.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

 MY SUNSHINE AWAY By M.O. Walsh, Putnam $26.95

Our narrator was 14 years old when he fell madly in love, totally unrequited, with 15-year-old Lindy Simpson, beautiful, smart and an outstanding athlete at their high school. Lindy lived just across the street from him on Piney Creek Road in an affluent section of Baton Rouge. One night on her way hone from school, she was brutally attacked and raped. While there were no arrests there were many suspects, including a psychiatrist, his adoptive son, a neighborhood tough and our narrator himself. His story is told from a time much later when he is in his mid-30s and he paints a picture of friendly people in a lovely neighborhood, which this crime threatens to tear apart. What happens to the characters after they leave school and move on with their lives satisfies our curiosity and only at the end is the guilty party revealed.

Life+Leisure, Today, In Print M.O. Walsh MY SUNSHINE AWAY Lili Anolik DARK ROOMS Books: May 2015

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