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Bright From The Start

05/01/2015 09:16AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Shanna Perkins

No two people share the same journey to greatness. Sometimes, individuals step onto the road to success early in life. Other times, unforeseen events force them on the path of bravery.  These are the stories of 14 individuals whose extraordinary talents have begun garnering them attention at the ages of 20 and under. This group is composed of a potpourri of artists, over achievers, survivors, athletes and philanthropist. Their tales are remarkable and occasionally heartbreaking, but always inspiring. 

These 14 individuals are proving that the youth of Acadiana is as diverse, remarkable and resilient as the varying points of the area they hail from. Some of these impressive adolescents made their way here from as far as Siberia, Russia and others’ experiences have led them out of state, but each of them calls South Louisiana home. Acadiana has long been revered for its saturation of uniquely talented and inspiring individuals. The next generations of folk heroes are perpetuating this reverence through their everyday actions. After all, they have been Bright From The Start.  

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1. Mallory Gaspard, 18
    Senior - Episcopal School of Acadiana 

2. Claude LaHaye,  14
    8th  Grade - Berchmans Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand   


3. Jenya Mann, 15

    9th Grade - Assembly Christian School


4. Misha Mann, 14

    8th Grade - Assembly Christian School


5. Carly Hebert, 18

    Senior - Episcopal School of Acadiana 


6. Mark Husers Jr., 19

    Senior - New Iberia Senior High


7. Alexis Trosclair, 15

    Sophomore - New Iberia Catholic High School 


8. Tristen Louviere, 18

    Senior - Catholic High School


9. Nicole Marie Gonzalez, 20

    Formerly Belle Place Middle School


10. Markell Gregoire, 15

      Formerly Iberia Middle School

11. Vanel Porter, 17
      Senior - St. Martinville Senior High School 

12. Connor Hargrave, 18
      Senior - Catholic High School


13. Sarah Saunier, 17

      Senior - Delcambre High School


14. Da’Vonne Griffin, 12

      6th Grade - Magnolia Elementary School 

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