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Books: Unfinished Business

04/07/2015 09:11AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

PAST CRIMES By Glen Erik Hamilton, William Morrow, $26.99

Army Ranger, Van Shaw, is quite surprised to receive a message from the grandfather in Seattle who raised him and whom he has not spoken with for 10 years. The message was urgent, “Come home if you can.” Van arrives at his grandfather’s house just seconds after the old man is shot in the head and lies bleeding profusely. His grandfather, “Dono” is no innocent and he taught Van from an early age how to “boost cars, beat security alarms, crack safes and burglarize businesses.” At 18, Van had enough and joined the military. Now, back home, he picks up the traces of his youth and enlists the friends who knew the game and who might help him find Dono’s killer. A crackling good debut.

The LONG And FARAWAY GONE By Lou Berney, William Morrow, $14.99

It was a hot summer in Oklahoma 1986, which doesn’t explain the murders of six movie theatre employees or the disappearance of a teenage girl visiting the state fair with her younger sister. Both cases went unsolved for 25 years when Wyatt, the only survivor of the movie murders and now a private eye, finds himself back in his old hometown and its’ disturbing memories. Julianna, the younger sister, also finds herself drawn back to Oklahoma City where she learns the principal suspect in her sister’s disappearance has resurfaced. She is determined to accost him and learn the truth.

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