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Books: Secret Lives

03/13/2015 07:48AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN By Paula Hawkins, Riverhead Books, $26.95

Rachel is a totally neurotic alcoholic who rides the same train to London every week pretending she still has a job. On her commutes she’s entranced by a seemingly happy married couple she usually sees from her train window having breakfast on their deck. They remind her of her own marriage to Tom before he divorced her, married his mistress and still lives in their house. She continually vents her anger and rage at her ex, his new wife and their baby. One morning she witnesses something happen on the young couple’s deck and when the wife goes missing, Rachel gets involved. It’s impossible not to cringe at what next she might do in this non-stop roller coaster read.

PRIVATE VEGAS By James Patterson & Maxine Paetro, Little, Brown, $28.00

Jack Morgan, chief of Private, the world’s largest Investigative firm, is on the trail of two foreign and ruthless men who rape, torture and kill women while hiding behind their Diplomatic Immunity. Meanwhile, Jack is very concerned about Rick Del Rio, a top investigator and friend, who is on trial for assault and battery of a woman he once dated. And, then there’s the smarmy diabolical manipulator of young beautiful women taught to snag very old, very wealthy men and hasten their demise to claim their inheritances. It’s another fast and fascinating read from Patterson.