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Books: Connecting The Dots

02/17/2015 08:00AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

THE BURNING ROOM By Michael Connelly, Little, Brown, $28.00

A musician is hit by a stray bullet but doesn’t die until 10 years later. At last the bullet can be removed from his body and LAPD Detective Harry Bosch, assigned to cold cases, can begin to investigate, and what he finds is that the bullet wasn’t stray and the case is murder. In addition, Harry is working with and training a new junior partner, Lucia Soto, who, as it happens, has an agenda of her own involving the deliberate fire bombing she witnessed that killed several children 20 years before. Toss in Bosch’s problems with his superior and the involvement of unscrupulous politicians and you have another great Connelly page-turner. 

REMAINS OF INNOCENCE By J.A. Jance, William Morris, $26.99

Liza Machett, although living near her estranged mother, only reluctantly visits her as she lies dying in the hospital. Responding to her mother’s request, she goes to her mother’s house to get her an old cookbook and discovers a small fortune in hundred-dollar bills hidden in magazines and books. Meanwhile, some 2500 miles away, a developmentally disabled man goes missing and his body found at the bottom of a limestone cavern. How can these two cases be related? It’s up to Sheriff Joanna Brady to find out in what is thriller number 15 in the series.

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