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2015 Bridal Outlook

02/17/2015 08:00AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

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By Shanna Perkins

The image of your wedding day should, above all else, remain a timeless one that is a true reflection of the unique bond you share with your spouse. Fortunately, “timeless” isn’t synonymous with “dated.” Current bridal and wedding trends allow for a wide range of personal expression ensuring that you’ll be able to share proudly the memories of your nuptials for a lifetime.  



The overall 2015 trend for engagement rings is “anything goes.” The bride-to-be’s engagement ring should flatter her skin tone, personality and style. For years, white gold and platinum reigned supreme, but yellow and rose are proudly reclaiming their place alongside lighter metals.

“Over the last year, engagement rings have been all about custom designs and that trend will only get bigger in 2015,” states Mike Armentor of Armentor Jewelers. “No longer do brides have to pine for designer rings that are out of their price range or settle for in-stock rings that are just like everyone else’s. Jewelry stores have embraced technology and partnered with high quality manufacturers to offer brides the design and beauty of rings dreamed about on Pinterest and Instagram with budgets comfortable for their new fiancés. 

“We can mix and match components, adjust the sizes of diamonds and add special touches to make your ring truly unique,” Mike confirms. “And because we control every aspect of the design, you receive the quality of high-end designer rings for significantly less money.”

Ornate, vintage-inspired bands are just as popular as those with clean, modern lines. Belinda Armentor of Ashley Blue Jewelers agrees that personalization will reign supreme in the upcoming year. “We feel the vintage style with diamond halo is still very popular, but we see the trend heading in a more contemporary direction,” she declares. “In the new year I also think we’ll be doing more custom designing as well, because we find our customers are wanting to add their personal touches to their engagement rings.” 

In 2002, Ben Affleck made everyone’s jaws drop when he put a massive pink diamond on Jennifer Lopez’s finger. But, that was 2002 and this is now. Passing on white diamonds for more daring hued stones has become increasingly popular. Everyone’s favorite Duchess, Kate Middleton, solidified these trends with her ring that is both sapphire and vintage. 

Note: If the bride has always expressed a desire for a classic diamond ring, by all means, don’t get creative.  


Tossing convention out the window now applies to the groom as well. Gone are the days of thin gold bands that look more like they should be on Bilbo Baggin’s hand rather than on a modern groom’s. Recent trends showcase a mixture of metals and textures. When it comes to personalizing, the sky is the limit. The popularity of the “fingerprint” ring continues into 2015. Having the bride’s fingerprint engraved on the groom’s wedding band is a very attainable option. The staff at Allain’s Jewelry in New Iberia will show you how far grooms’ wedding rings have come. 

Note: If the groom is a flashy guy, there’s no shame in a band covered in diamonds. 



2015 is all about the timeless, effortless bride. Trendsetting designers like Marchesa paraded bohemian bridal gowns down the runway in their spring collections. All the dresses incorporated an ease and lightness with elements like off the shoulder necklines, soft draping and romantic lines. The simplicity also found its place with designer Amsale who created modern, clean designs reminiscent of the gown Carolyn Bessette wore in 1996 in her wedding to John F. Kennedy, Jr. 

Brides who prefer to make a bolder impact are also in luck. Tasteful yet daring necklines are on the rise. Designer Angel Sanchez was one of many to offer bejeweled necklines and accessories. The bride who dares to defy tradition by selecting a colored gown will have no shortage of options. Dreamy blush tones, striking metallic hues and creamy pastels prove themselves as valid bridal options for 2015. 

Bride Melina Pommier found the vintage-inspired dress of her dreams online. She explains why the nontraditional choice was the right one for her. “The reason I chose a nontraditional dress is because I’ve always been in love with my grandmother’s pictures from way back when. Plus, I’ve always loved vintage style. The designers of my dress are located in New Jersey, but I found them on Etsy and knew right away that this dress was the one. I felt like a rock star in my dress,” she recalls. “It fit like a glove and it wasn’t so big that I needed help doing everything.”

Bridesmaids’ trends reflect the ethereal bride. Cool, refreshing tones like gray, almond and light blue are not only gorgeous, they’re stress reducing, exactly what every bride needs. It’s difficult to find one style that flatters multiple women’s bodies. If the “Sex And The City” movie taught us anything, it’s that bridesmaids’ dresses don’t have to match to make a stunning impact. Because flattering dresses are what counts, choosing something that looks beautiful on all the girls is a priority. 


Recently, grooms have been trading in the tuxedos for more expressive suits. Grooms now favor everything from navy to gray and tan. These dashing men also wear bow ties, stiff competition for traditional ties. These guys also accept the high contrast trends for their groomsmen. No rule says groomsmen have to match either. Wedding parties will continue to favor more eclectic attire in 2015. Groom Chris Hiatt explains how his groomsmen’s attire helped make his wedding day a hit. 

“Our wedding was in the springtime and it was outside in Houma, so I wasn’t betting on a cool breeze,” explains Hiatt. “Since I didn’t want anybody to suffer in the heat, I requested the guys wear only vests with their suits. I was the only one to wear a jacket. Really, I just wanted to make sure none of them looked better than I did on my day. I opted to have all the guys buy low-top gray Converse shoes. We were all able to dance and have a great time without dying of heat or blisters. 

“All the guys that were in my wedding party are a part of what we call ‘the wolf pack.’ I ordered wolf shirts and gave them to everybody at my rehearsal dinner,” he recalls. “The guys were so pumped up to wear them. Overall, I felt like what we wore expressed our personalities individually as well as our group dynamic. It was a great night with a great woman, friends and family. I wouldn’t have changed anything that I picked and wish we could do it all over again.”



The most important thing to remember about hair and makeup is that the bride should look like the most beautiful version of herself. Trying a daring new trend on her wedding day will create an album full of pictures with a bride she hardly recognizes. Sticking to trends that closely reflect personal style will guarantee satisfaction. 

Soft hair remains a bridal favorite. Whether the coiffure is up or down, brides are straying away from stiff hairspray and tightly pulled up dos. Loose curls and relaxed buns garnished with fresh flowers are perfect for the angelic bride. At Le Boudoir Beauty and Bridal Salon in Lafayette, brides are their specialty. The consultants can create soft blowouts and offer relaxing bridal packages. 

Rose lips, hailed as the new nude for 2015, are a perfect romantic touch for the bridal season. The theatrical bride can add a stunning touch of drama with 1920s inspired beauty elements like dark smoky eyes and crimson lips. The professionals at Stephanie’s Merle Norman and MN Salon and Spa Almaz, both businesses in New Iberia, can apply airbrush makeup that looks flawless and will last until the last guest leaves. 


This one isn’t a trend as much as it is good, sound advice. The groom should get his hair cut one week prior to the wedding day. Doing so will ensure all awkward grow-out phases are avoided. 


“Soft,” “romantic” and “dreamy” - these words accurately depict the floral forecast for 2015. The current floral trend is being described as “romantic luxe.” It features an abundance of flowers lacking fillers like stems and leaves. Flowers such as hydrangeas, hyacinths and orchids in pale tones will take center stage. 


Wedding food once consisted of only two options: buffet or sit down. Now, various options allow the food to be another component that tells the couple’s story. “Farm-to-table” has become a battle cry for foodies everywhere. The popularity of locally sourced, rustic meals will carry over into 2015.  Self-serve stations continue to be a strong trend, and we’re not talking about cocktail sausages and meatballs. Think fun and quirky options like popcorn, a potato bar, tacos, ice cream sundaes or waffles. Wedding guests can quickly dance off their meal. Having the couple’s favorite food truck on hand is a great way to keep guests happy and full all night long. 

A few years ago the world was introduced to fondant - a type of icing that allows bakers to turn cakes into sculptures. Because the popularity of over-the-top wedding cakes isn’t diminishing, cakes featuring lavishly textured icing will be huge a trend in the upcoming wedding season. Ruffled and tulle designs will be beautiful additions to dramatic, romantic weddings. Pleats and lace-patterned buttercream frosting will create a perfect centerpiece for soft, vintage weddings. Modern brides craving clean lines can look forward to three-dimensional lattice, herringbone or geometrical designs.

Cimi Saunier, owner of Guidry’s Cake Shop in New Iberia, describes current cake designs in only three accurate words, “Simple, rustic elegance.” 

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