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Books: Call Scotland Yard

02/06/2015 08:13AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

TO DWELL IN DARKNESS By Deborah Crombie, William Morrow, $25.99

In a crowded London subway station a group of eco protestors opposing pollution generated by new construction is suddenly shocked by an explosion that leaves one man dead, mutilated beyond recognition. It develops that the man was supposedly carrying only a smoke bomb but someone substituted the real thing. Now, Superintendent Duncan Kincaid, unexpectedly transferred from Scotland Yard, has a major incident to investigate. With the help of his wife Gemma and members of his team, Duncan sets out to solve this crime. Crombie has delivered another suspenseful mystery with this latest caper.

A FINE SUMMER’S DAY By Charles Todd, William Morrow, $26.99

This is a gem for fans of Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge who wonder about the series’ beginnings. He’s in love and planning to ask for the lady’s hand when he is called to investigate the hanging death of a man in his home. Suicide? Unthinkable; he was quite happy and left no note. Soon one after another villager is found dead, all poisoned. Again, there’s no note or reason for any to have killed themselves. Rutledge, convinced of a link between the victims, connects the dots and finds the answer. Then the world goes to war and Rutledge leaves his love and work to defend his country.

Life+Leisure, In Print Deborah Crombie Charles Todd
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