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What's Appening: Find Your Happy

01/23/2015 08:38AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Gail Suberbielle

Personal Zen®

The Personal Zen app is a game designed to help users reduce stress and anxiety by helping them focus on positives. Follow the “happy sprite” through the grass, then swipe and smooth the ruffled grass he leaves behind, earning jeweled rewards for speed and accuracy. Makers also purport that Personal Zen can be used before an upcoming stressful event to help calm users ahead of time, and say that 10 minutes of playing Personal Zen a day can help build up “resilience” against stress. Cost: Free. 


Like Personal Zen, the Happify app works by “retraining” users’ brains to focus on positive outcomes instead of negatives. Using quizzes, polls, and an attitude journal, Happify makers say that users will be able to better cope with stress, reduce negative thoughts, and build self-confidence. Users boost “happiness skills” like “Savor,” “Thank,” “Aspire,” “Give,” and “Empathize,” and relax with guided audio and visual assistance in the “Serenity Scenes.” Cost: Free, with available subscription upgrade. 

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