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What's Appening: Brain Train

01/20/2015 08:18AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Gail Suberbielle

CogniFit Brain Fitness®

In this new year, we’re all looking to stay as sharp and mentally focused as possible. While they of course won’t take the place of a mental health professional, this month we’re highlighting four apps that can be a fun way to engage your brain in 2015. With CogniFit Brain Fitness, users take an initial quiz, then each subsequent game’s difficulty is based on those results and the user’s profile. Challenge friends or keep trying to the best of your own ability with games based on mental planning, arithmetic, spatial perception, concentration and other categories. Cost: Free for four games, with monthly ($13) or yearly ($120) subscriptions available.

Fit Brains Trainer®

This app features 360-plus games and puzzles designed to help with mental acuity. Users are led through various tasks, which get progressively more difficult upon successful completion. Categories include memory, focus, language and visual, with daily “brain training sessions” and a daily and weekly tracker. One game, for instance, features a turquoise seven-pointed star and a series of other stars of various shapes and colors, and users must find the star or stars that exactly match the original shape. In other games, users count drops of falling paint or match shape pairs. Cost: Free, with in-app purchases. 

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