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January 2015: In This Issue

01/02/2015 09:30AM ● By Aimee Cormier
Those that call Acadiana home have a history of giving, and of sharing their blessings with those around them. Each community joins together to promote the culture unique to their area, and we all benefit. Every month we offer uplifting features that inspire, inform, entertain and educate our readers with stories of achievement, dedication, celebration and wonder. We invite you to pick up the latest issue of Acadiana LifeStyle and use it as a guide to shopping, entertainment and leisure. Reaching more than 59,000 readers in Iberia, Lafayette, St. Martin, Vermilion and West St. Mary parishes, Acadiana LifeStyle is in print and social, so follow our pages to know what is happening here in Acadiana.

Pick Up The December 2014 Issue where you will find the following stories:

Cover Story

     39 Most Interesting People 

          Meet eight individuals from around Acadiana who are pursuing 

          their intriguing passions 

Health & Wellness

     17 How to Eat Healthy On A Budget

          It’s Easier And Cheaper Than You Think  

     20 Don’t You Forget About Me

          Examining Alzheimer’s Disease 

     23 Common Health Care Mistakes 

          Making These Errors Can Compromise Your Health 

     25 Train Your Brain! 

          Boost Your Mental Capabilities With Games And Apps

Making Life Better 

     51 When Life Takes You Off Track 

          10 Tips To Stay Productive When Plans Are Interrupted  

     53 Run A Marathon!

          Get In Shape To Run – Regardless Of The Distance 

     55 How To Have A Meaningful Career

          Steps To Help Discover Your Purpose

     57 Take Up A Hobby

          Explore South Louisiana’s Favorite Pastimes


     12 “Atchafalaya: A Short Film”

         Cajun Lore Told By Those Who Know It Well 

     31 Throw Me Something, Mister! 

          When And Where The Good Times Roll

     35 Long Live The King Cake

          The Royal Affair Behind A Mardi Gras Tradition 

     61 Sugarcane Farmers Experience A Good Yield

          New Varieties Are Now Paying Off 

     64 Holiday Sweepstakes Winners

          Twelve Readers Receive Over $4,000 In Prizes!

     68 Acadiana LifeStyle’s Little Library Is Open!

          Readers’ Donations Make Kickstarter Campaign A Reality


     6 Personality 

     10 Focus 

     27 On Trend 

     28 Books 

     49 What’s APPening?

     65 Events Calendar 

     69 Social Lights

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