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It’s Not Christmas Dinner without...

12/16/2014 08:21AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

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By Michelle Matthews Calloway And Shanna Perkins • Submitted Photos

We often travel across the United States and abroad just for fun or to expand our horizons. Sometimes we’re compelled to live in other locales because of employment demands, military life, college and a host of other circumstances. Nevertheless, to those of us that are natives or possess a deep appreciation for the culture, Acadiana will always be home sweet home, and there’s no place like home for the holidays. There’s also no place like home in Acadiana to get the best in holiday meals. 

We peeked into some schools and offices asking people to share the essential Christmas dinner dish they can’t do without. They answered the question, “It’s not Christmas dinner without ...”

My Grandmother’s turkey and my Mom’s custard pie!

          -Masey Lewis, 5th grade

My Mother’s cornbread dressing. I have to have it.

          -Danny Blakely, Industrial Arts Teacher, Loreauville High School

My great-grandmother, Virginia Hardee’s chocolate fudge. She made it every year and would set aside a box just for me, because she knew it was my favorite. My aunt makes it now.

          -Randi Nichole Landry, Executive Administrator, SM Energy Services, LLC

My mom’s mac n cheese is my favorite!

          -Ainsley Eiter , 3rd Grade

My grandmother’s delicious dressing, it isn’t just something to fill your plate. It’s tradition, family and memories in a bite.  

          -Lorianna Perkins, Carelink Specialist, LHC Group 

It’s not Christmas dinner without family!  There is no better time to share love, laughter, and warmth while making new memories with the ones I love.

          -Renee Duhoun, Administrative Assistant, Louisiana Office Systems

After driving around looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve, we always have shrimp cocktails and talk about old times. It’s weird, but it’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions. 

          -Allison Yeasting, SEO Team Leader, Commit Developers

I like cranberry sauce. It’s fresh, simple and delicious. 

          -Kyle Yeasting, Baker Hughes

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