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Operation Seasonal Serenity

12/12/2014 07:58AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

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By Shanna Perkins 

The holiday season is a time of love and happiness. After tirelessly running around making sure the gifts are purchased and wrapped, preparing holiday feasts and sending out Christmas cards and RSVPs, you might not be feeling the love that this time of year should manifest. As November and December unfold, don’t forget to take time out for yourself. These simple steps will help you recharge so you can bring back that loving feeling.  


Although a massage may seem like an indulgence, you need one. Set aside time for yourself and slip into tranquility. It doesn’t matter if you’re stiff from spending so much time in the car or if you’re frazzled after an altercation in the toy aisle over an Elsa® doll. Massage therapists at Spa Almaz in New Iberia can tailor a massage specific to your needs. They’ll melt the stress away with pressure, heat and aromatherapy. They offer 30, 60 and 90-minute massage options to fit everyone’s busy schedule. 


While some workouts promise relaxation through vigorous action, yoga — a centuries-old exercise with gentle, low-impact — offers a challenging work out with de-stressing capabilities. If you’ve never tried yoga — don’t worry you won’t be asked to stand on your head or contort your body like a sideshow act. If you’re a long-time yogi who’s been too busy to get your yoga on, the first step is coming back to your mat. You’ll leave class feeling strong, energized and calm. Then, when the cat knocks the ornaments off the tree for the second time in one day, you can Namaste your way through it. 

Put Good In

The holidays are so full of rich food that the words “Christmas” and “calorie-laden” are practically synonymous. The hectic schedule can cause you to make food choices that are more convenient than healthy. Sure, butter-basted, carb-coated dishes are scrumptious and pumpkin spice lattes are here only for the season. They will however, leave you feeling sluggish. Fight the temptation by stocking up on nurishing snacks, foods and juices that benefit your immune system and energy level. The average American gains a minimum of 1 pound during the holidays. Battle the bulge before it arrives. “Pre-toxing,” eating healthy prior to your indulgence, ensures that your body is primed to combat those Christmas calories. 

Go East 

Eastern medicine has long been a viable alternative for fans of the holistic lifestyle. Lori Scott Acupuncture in Abbeville and New Iberia offers treatment options for ailments and discomforts that can plague you when tension is running high. You might think the Christmas tree should be the only thing covered in needles; but through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Scott treats pain, stress, headaches, allergies and fatigue. 


Your inboxes are overflowing with holiday invites, seasonal sales and confirmations of online purchases. Why not turn your computer off? Step away from your devices so you can step into the beauty of the season. Louisiana is beautiful 365 days a year, but let’s be honest: on roughly 300 of those days the temperature ranges between sweltering and scorching. Winter offers a different kind of natural beauty and a chance to experience local trails and parks without a ‘blitzkrieg’ of mosquitoes. Take advantage of the opportunity to stroll through Acadiana’s historic towns while they’re all done up in twinkling lights. You’ll return feeling fully charged, just like your phone.    

Spa – Not Just For Girls

You look only as good as you feel. True. Looking never hurt a soul. Also true. The preponderance of events during the holiday season requires you to look your best. Weather changes, increased stress and busy schedule can certainly take a toll on your beauty routine. A mani and pedi followed by a facial is just what you need to put your best face forward.  Guys, the spa isn’t just for the girls anymore. Because companies understand modern men, you can help yourself to lines of facials and products geared specifically to men’s needs. And you can’t tell us you’ve never envisioned yourself getting a hot shave from a professional. Plus, cucumber-lemon water is delicious. 


Throw on those Christmas-themed, flannel sweatpants you wear all year long, make yourself a mug of hot cocoa (spike at your own discretion), pile on the couch with your loved ones and pop in “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Stop and truly enjoy the holiday season for what it is. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that your mother-in-law’s gift is lost in the mail or that three people brought cranberry sauce to your dinner party or that you lost the fight for the afore-mentioned Elsa® doll. All that matters is that you get to enjoy this time of love and joy with the ones who matter most.  

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