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From The Publisher: December 2014

12/09/2014 08:14AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier
By Art Suberbielle

November 4, 2014 will long be remembered as the day that the public’s frustration with the status quo was expressed clearly and emphatically. A large number of incumbent representatives and senators were unseated by candidates promising change.

The Congress has been in a continual stalemate for the last two years as the Republicans controlled the House and the Democrats controlled the Senate. Neither party would give an inch to any proposal brought up by the opposition. The result was a do-nothing Congress. With the newly elected members of Congress taking their oaths of office in January, it’s hopeful that things will start to change in Washington.

Even though the House and Senate will both have a majority of Republican members, there’s still the opportunity for the President, a solid Democrat, to veto legislation and continue the gridlock. The case for government by compromise is clear and the time for it is now. Our country cannot survive as a world leader without our elected officials taking meaningful action on a number of major issues as well as countless other minor ones. The only way we will see real accomplishments is through compromise. With a majority, the Republicans can push some legislation through without compromising. But that just perpetuates the same way of governing that we have endured in the last two years. The only difference is that the Democrats were doing the pushing.

Let’s encourage our newly elected Republican leaders to do the right thing. Govern by listening to the voices of all the people. Reach a compromise solution on difficult and sensitive issues such as spending, health care, education, military, and immigration. By taking these positive steps, the Republicans could lead our nation back into the way our forefathers intended it to be governed: of the people, by the people, and for the people.    

From our family to yours, we extend our deepest wishes for a Merry and Holy Christmas.

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