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Books: Split Decision

11/11/2014 09:16AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

NOT A DRILL:  A JACK REACHER SHORT STORY By Lee Child, Kindle Single, $1.99

This is my first eBook review and frankly, if it weren’t for Jack Reacher I’d probably have passed. Reacher hitches a ride with a young couple that was hoping to be the first persons to step on the grounds of a dense forest in upstate Maine. With nothing else to do, he checks into the same hotel. The next day while the young couple is in the woods, military police show up and barricade all entrances without explanation. Something’s going on and you can count on Reacher to discover what it is, this time with brains and not brawn.

EVERYTHING TO LOSE By Andrew Gross, William Morrow, $26.99

Hilary Canton, a mother with a sick child who’s just lost her job and gets no support from her deadbeat ex-husband, becomes desperate enough to do anything. So this honest woman who attempts to aid the driver of a car that’s gone off the road and hit a tree, finds him dead. On the seat is a valise containing half of a million dollars in cash. What should she do? She takes the money but is soon consumed with guilt. Only, the police don’t know about the money and neither does the dead man’s son, but the crooks that expected it do, and want it badly enough to kill for it.

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