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From The Publisher: November 2014

11/07/2014 09:31AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Art Suberbielle

Just a few months ago we kept hearing how the state was anticipating a budget deficit. But that didn’t cause any departments in the state to implement austerity programs. Nor did the state  attempt  to  tighten its belt in non-essential areas such as the 50,000 or so consultants we employ. No, sir, we kept on spending and spending.

But now we hear that the governor’s office has re-done the math and come up with a budget surplus on the order of $178 Million. State Treasurer John Kennedy threw in his red challenge flag when he heard this. Kennedy wants to hear and see how these calculations came about. He further cautioned the governor to not spend the money until this hoped-for surplus can be confirmed.

We all know that the minute Baton Rouge announces there is any budget surplus, legislators from all over the state will be vying for their share of the available fund for their pet projects. IF there really is a budget surplus, we need to spend it on priorities such as bridge and road repairs. It’s a well-documented fact that we have miles of major arteries in dire need of repair. You have to look no further than the eastbound stretch of US 90 between Hwy 14 and the Lewis Street exits to confirm that the right hand lane needs to be replaced due to deterioration. 

We can only hope that Governor (candidate) Jindal will do the right thing with any real surplus that is available.

A personal note: As we publish this issue of Acadiana LifeStyle, we mark our 27th anniversary. Our dedicated team of very talented individuals takes great pride in publishing each edition. Our free distribution magazine could not be possible without the loyal support of the many firms and professionals who rely on us to communicate their advertising messages. We are extremely grateful for their support as well as yours, our loyal readers, who eagerly await each new issue. Thank you all!

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