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10/21/2014 07:38AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

MURDER PICTURES, a PJ Ryan Novel, By William O. Bonin

 When P.J. sees a picture in The Times Picayune (a rag of which he is no longer fond) purporting to show a murder actually being committed, victim and killer both clearly identifiable, he’s convinced someone in the New Orleans Police department leaked confidential information. He traces the sender of the photos to a former Loyola professor, Sherman O. Billingsley (not the New York restaurateur) who claimed to have a box that could take pictures of actual crimes from anywhere in the past and willingly goes on trial to prove it.

OF FAITH AND HOPE…OF LOVE AND DREAMS By Pope Huval, Muse Group LLC, $14.95 

Huval has written a number of books containing stories and poems beginning at age 12, inspired by his teacher. His latest collection is as impressive as ever. The poems are about love and faith and even pay homage to the calendar. One is timely dedicated to October, the first verse being: “The sweet dance of October has already begun, leaves in the giant oak tree are waltzing in the sun.”  

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