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09/25/2014 03:35PM ● By Robert Frey

By Gail Suberbielle

Army Survival®

Survival and outdoor shows are all over our televisions these days, and though most of us will never find ourselves in an extreme survival situation, it can still be handy to know some basic first aid and other skills. Who better to teach that information than the U.S. Army? The Army Survival app includes a wide range of useful and interesting information – everything from which plants are poisonous and which can be used for food and medicine; how to survive in the desert, cold, tropics, or sea; dangerous animals and insects; building a shelter; finding water; tying a knot; and, of course, how to make a fire. Illustrations, photos, and easy-to-read instructions are other great features of this handy app. Cost: $1.99.

Go SkyWatch Planetarium®

No more being befuddled by the night sky -- the SkyWatch Planetarium app helps users learn about constellations, the solar system, planets, stars, and much more. With a red light mode for night vision, users can simply point their phones toward the sky and start identifying what they see. We were worried this app would be too technical for a new astronomer to navigate, but with its “popup” planets in 3D and touchless navigation, Go SkyWatch moves above and beyond other astronomy apps we’ve tried. Cost: $3.99.

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