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09/12/2014 09:45AM ● By Robert Frey


Named after the technical term for moles, the névus app helps users to care for and protect their skin against sun damage. The Skin Record section of the app allows users to document moles or other skin spots to determine whether any changes have occurred over time. And the Sun Alarm uses GPS technology to send an alarm to remind you when and how frequently to apply sunscreen. With our skin as the body’s largest organ, it’s important to be proactive and protect ourselves in order to keep that organ safe. Cost: $2.99.

Leaping Bunny®

If you’re concerned about whether the beauty products you use have ever been tested on animals, look no further than the Leaping Bunny app. Leaping Bunny provides users with a comprehensive list of companies that have been certified “cruelty free.” In addition to cosmetic and personal care items, users can also search from a list of household items, too. The app is easy to use; simply browse by company name or by product category (“soap,” “furniture polish,” “nail care” and a host of others, for example). Links within the app take users directly to the websites of companies on the list. Cost: Free.

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