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What's APPening?

08/01/2014 02:11PM ● Published by Robert Frey

By Gail Suberbielle


Based on the popular PBS show for preschoolers, the SuperWhy! app lets little ones choose from four games designed to help with literacy skills like learning their alphabet, spelling skills, rhyming, writing, and, of course, reading. Four of the SuperWhy! characters accompany your little ones on their learning adventure – Wonder Red, Super Why, Alpha Pig, and Princess Presto. This fun group of games includes such skills as alphabet ordering, choosing rhyming words and selecting the right words to complete sentences. Each successful task is rewarded with a sticker that can be put into a virtual sticker book. Cost: $2.99.

Watch Over Me®

Watch Over Me is another great app that helps add another layer of protection to potentially unsafe circumstances. While we can’t stress enough that users should always be aware of their surroundings, notify loved ones where they’re going and avoid texting while walking/driving, an app like Watch Over Me can be a useful tool to add to these other common-sense precautions. With this app, users specify how long they want to be watched. Using a GPS system, the app will keep track of your location until you check in safely. If you miss your check-in, the app will automatically notify a preset emergency group. One terrific feature: if you shake the phone, you’ll send an automatic alert and turn on your phone’s camera. Cost: Free for the app, but a low-cost subscription is required.

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