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Apps: Pet-Centric Apps

05/02/2014 07:30AM ● By Aimee Cormier
By Gail Suberbielle

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Pet First Aid by American Red Cross®

This month, we’re exploring an app category we hadn’t yet explored – the best apps for pet owners. Up first: Pet First Aid by American Red Cross. Sometimes we animal lovers/pet owners find ourselves in situations where we have to assess whether a trip to the vet is necessary. Pet First Aid brings users handy answers to these questions and more. There’s a section called “Know What’s Normal” (what is your dog’s breathing rate supposed to be, for example), a “Toxic Substances” section to help you know which household substances or garden plants are harmful to Fido, and basic first aid information. There is also a “Be Prepared” section that lets users explore items like traveling with your pet, socialization or how to give medicine to your dog/cat. This useful app could be a lifesaver for your four-legged companion! Cost: $0.99.

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This video surveillance app has many other applications when used for baby monitoring or as a security camera, for example, but we really like iCam for peeking in on our pets while we’re away. Using an IP camera or webcam and the iCam app, users can remotely monitor a room or rooms in their homes from their smartphone or tablet and receive live video and audio feeds. With great features like audio streaming and motion detection, you can watch Fido play (or sleep) all day while you’re at work or on vacation. Users also can monitor multiple cameras. Cost: $4.99.