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Apps For Staying Fit In The New Year

01/31/2014 07:35AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Gail Suberbielle

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Many of us have made fitness resolutions for the new year, and the Hot5 app makes keeping those resolutions easier than ever. This app contains dozens of five-minute video workouts, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard. The videos are high-quality and easy to follow, and include everything from abs and core, butt and legs, cardio, strength and yoga/flexibility. Want to share your workout with your friends and motivate them, too? Simply click the “post Hot5 to Facebook” button. Whether you only have five minutes to spare and want to get in a quick ab workout (try the “amazing abs” video) or want to mix and match for an hour-long, full-body workout, Hot5 is just the ticket. Cost: Free.

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GymPact ups the ante – literally – for those of us who need a little incentive to get in shape. Users make a weekly pact with other members to meet certain fitness goals, whether diet or exercise. Users who meet their goals get paid… with real dollars! Members who don’t meet their goals have to pay up to those that did. Members can choose from three types of pacts – veggie (eat more fruits and veggies), gym (syncs with several popular fitness apps), or food intake (pairs with MyFitnessPal). Activities are verified by photograph, GPS and other services to keep members honest and on their toes! If you’re looking for a little extra fitness motivation, GymPact is a great way to get it. Cost: Free. 

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