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Making Your Life Better – APPs

01/03/2014 08:25AM ● By Christy Quebedeaux

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We all know that drinking water is one of the keys to good health. Now getting in the habit of doing so has never been easier than with the very simple WaterIn app. There aren’t any complicated bells and whistles (other than the notification reminders you can send yourself) to this handy app, which is visually appealing and easy to use. All you need to do is choose the number of glasses you want to consume in a single day, select ounces or litres, and start logging. Simply click the “drink” button and choose the size of your glass or bottle of water. For visual users, there are blue horizontal bars that disappear with each glass of water you drink/log. When the bars are all gone, you’ve completed your goal for the day. Cost: Free

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This beautiful app called Bloom* is one of our favorites to start the New Year in a motivational, inspirational way. Users can select from existing “Blooms” or create their own, simply by completing the statement “Inspire me to …” and choosing a “life area,” such as relationships, career or spirituality. Tell someone he or she is important to your life, remind yourself to do sit-ups or pushups or motivate yourself for that crucial sales meeting. For example, write, “Inspire me to call Mom,” then select “relationships” as the life area. Add an image or images from your camera/camera roll or existing stock pictures, add a favorite song, then send yourself a reminder. The result is like a mini-movie or slideshow that isn’t just an ordinary calendar reminder to call your mother; instead, it contains images of her and her favorite song. Users can share these inspirational “Blooms” via email, Facebook or Twitter or send them to other users of the app. Cost: Free