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Geaux Green Apps

11/13/2013 09:49AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

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This month, we researched a number of apps designed to help consumers “Geaux Green” with everything from reducing our carbon footprint to finding the best lightbulbs for our homes. GasHog is one such app that helps users to keep track of their vehicle’s fuel economy -- no more need for that pad of paper and calculator in your glove box. Simply enter your vehicle’s odometer reading and the amount/cost of fuel you add at the pump, and GasHog gives you the mileage per gallon for that tank, as well as the historical average. The app even provides you with tips for improving your vehicle’s fuel economy, and it can be used to track the fuel economy for multiple vehicles. Cost: $.99.

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If you’re still receiving catalogs and other junk mail, like coupon books, credit card offers and so forth -- and if you’re not just annoyed at the intrusion but also care about its impact on the environment (an estimated 44 percent of 100 billion pieces of mail goes to landfills, according to the CEO of, the parent company of PaperKarma) -- give PaperKarma a try. While you could certainly call or e-mail the catalog company directly, PaperKarma does the work for you. Simply take a photo or photos of the mailing label, click the “unsubscribe” button, and PaperKarma does the work for you. Generally within 72 hours, you’ll be notified by PaperKarma that you’ve been unsubscribed from the offending sender’s mailing list. Cost: Free.

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