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Local photographer has first exhibit

08/12/2013 08:14PM ● By Curt Guillory
Local foodie and Kaptography owner, Kevin Ste. Marie, will showcase his talent as he hosts his first photo art exhibit. Kevin was good enough to give me some time so that we can gain a little insight before the exhibit Saturday.

In the beginning: 

CG: Kevin, how long have you been taking pictures professionally?

KSM: That's the thing. I don't consider myself a professional photographer. I mean yeah I take pictures and get paid for them, so in that sense I am a professional but I see myself as someone who loves taking pictures, But to answer your question, about four years.

CG: Ok so how did it all start?

KSM: It started from me building websites. I would visit prospective clients' businesses and they would want me to use some stock photos. I thought that lacked character, so I suggested taking some shots of their businesses. The clients were happy with the results, and visitors to their websites were soon asking who had taken the pictures.

CG: So then you had to invest a camera and some equipment?

KSM: Actually I already had a camera which I used for taking pictures of used cars because I was a car salesman for a time and used the internet, and that camera, to my advantage.


CG: When did you realize that this was something you wanted to do, and that you were good enough to make a business out of this?

KSM: I had built a website for a client that featured a photo for the entire background. I was contacted by someone who wanted to know who took the picture. I told him that I took the picture, and he said that I was hired on the spot without even meeting me because he knew the building that the picture came from, and he knew how hard it was to capture that image. From that point I knew I had something.

CG: Any other indicators?

KSM: Yes at the same time a friend of mine was the publisher of a local magazine and she was using a lot of my pictures, and asking me to shoot various scenes for her.

CG: So you were unintentionally being sourced as professional photographer?

KSM: That's right.

What's the difference:

CG: So what makes your photos different from anyone else’s? Why should we go to your exhibit?

KSM: You know, I used to paint as a child and I learned certain techniques that activate the right brain. All artists use these techniques either consciously or unconsciously. So I use these techniques to enhance my photos, or even capture a unique image. When I load the pictures on my computer to edit them, I paint with my mouse. Looking at my photos reminds you of looking at an oil painting. Also, I shoot all the time. I use my photos to explain to people who don't live here, why we do live here. It's really all about shooting a familiar place with different composition, or perspective, or lighting, for a unique photo experience.

The exhibit:

CG: What can we expect at your exhibit?     

                                                                 "I paint with my mouse."

KSM: Here will be 25 pieces that comprise two collections. First is the Acadiana collection which will be festivals, culture, and lifestyle. The pictures come from Artwalk, Rythyms on the River, Festivals Acadiene et Creoles, The Scott Boudin Festival, etc. The other collection is Down town Lafayette which will feature a different look at the familiar.

CG: Where, when, and is it open to the public?

KSM: It will be at Tim and Tia's, 201 Settlers Trace Blvd Unit 3011, Lafayette, LA (337) 406-9630 from 5:00-8:00 PM, and yes, of course the public is invited.

CG: This space is usually reserved for recipes, cooking techniques, food news and the like. What people may not realize is that you are a very big supporter of the local food scene aren't you?

KSM: Yes I am. I actually have a couple of excellent pictures of some burgers that I may print up and include in the exhibit. They really are beautiful. And I am a big supporter of all things Acadiana. is my website and it features local bands and happenings. We are on facebook too.

CG: Thank you for your time Kevin, and I will see you Saturday.

KSM: Thank you, and I hope to see a bunch of your readers out there. Please take the time to tell me hi.

Photo finish:

As I sit here enjoying an incredible cheeseburger, I'm thinking back to me and Kevin's conversation. I can't help but the think how great it is living in Acadiana among so much local, excellent talent. From bands, to chefs, to painters, to sculptors, to story tellers, and photographers we are able to enjoy a vibrant, ever growing art scene. So do your part and get out there and support what's in your back yard.

Stay hungry.
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