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The Right Selection

05/31/2013 08:04AM ● By Christy Quebedeaux

Whats APPening?

By Gail Suberbielle

With thousands of apps out there for your smartphone or tablet, it can be hard to make a choice without cluttering up your phone or cutting into your wallet with apps you’ll never use. To take some of the guesswork out of app selection, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites. Most are available for iPhone or iPad, although some also are offered for Android or other smartphones. 

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One of our favorite new game apps is SongPop, a free music quiz app that allows you to compete against friends to guess a song or musical artist before they do. Of course, the app interfaces with Facebook to allow you to invite your Facebook friends to play. When you win, you earn coins that let you unlock new playlists or remove some of the wrong multiple choice options for easier wins. Users eager to bypass earning coins can purchase extra coins, too. Songs are organized into categories like “Classic Rock” or “Today’s Hits,” so you can pick the time periods or genres you’re most familiar with. The game begins with six basic playlists, and you can unlock more genres, artists, or special collections as you go. Cost: Free

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We all know how important fresh fruits and veggies are to our diets, but many of us are intimidated by trying to select just the right produce – is the melon supposed to be soft on the end, or does that mean it’s too ripe? Enter the Harvest app. Stymied by asparagus or onions? Simply select an item from the produce guide, and the app will tell you how to select the freshest apple or avocado … and how much pesticide residue typically remains. Wonder what that yellow spot is on the bottom of your watermelon? It simply means the watermelon has been allowed to ripen in the sun. Users will learn tips and tricks for selecting and storing more than 125 fruits and vegetables. Cost: $1.99.

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