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Delicious Mother's Day Breakfast

05/03/2013 08:08AM ● By Brian O

A Frittata for Mom

By Curt Guillory

Stop panicking.  I hear you out there, “But Curt, my idea of breakfast is buttered toast.  I don’t know a croissant from Crescent wrench.”  Not to worry friends, I have you covered.  

Together we’ll put together a fantastic breakfast complete with a fancy, European sounding name, and a cold, fruity drink that will leave her asking you how much you paid for the caterer.  Oh, and it’ll will only take about an hour for you and the kids to go from start to “Thank you honey, it’s wonderful!”

What we will be making for Mom is known as a frittata.  It’s basically the Italian version of the French quiche.  The whole thing is made in one pan, and it is highly customizable.  That means that you can flavor it with whatever the Mom you’re cooking for likes.  If she likes cheese, then add cheese.  If Mom is a big fan of bacon and artichokes, no problem.  If she’s more of a vegetarian, consider it done.

You get the idea don’t you?  This dish can be made to suit the person for whom it is being cooked.  Now what can be more special than that?  

The recipe is in the May issue of Acadiana LifeStyle so pick up a copy today.