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Thinking Outside the Box

11/29/2012 07:22AM ● Published by Gail Garcia

Phaedra and Jeremy Stockstill stand outside their new store, Outside the Box

By Gail Garcia

Spend just five minutes with Phaedra and Jeremy Stockstill and you will leave with a new positive outlook on life and your community. This vibrant, inspiring and optimistic couple have chosen to open a new business in the small town of Jeanerette when most people are worried about the economy. Their new business, Outside the Box, officially opened on December 1 at 1407 Main Street, right next to the City Pharmacy in Jeanerette.

 Outside the Box is a perfect name for a couple that thinks outside the box. This energetic couple has chosen not only to open a business in Jeanerette but to also live in the community.

 “We live here and want to support our local community,” said Jeremy Stockstill. “The cost of business is more efficient here than everywhere else.” 

 The couple was attracted to Jeanerette because of its wonderful housing market. The more the couple researched the area, the more they were attracted to it. 

“It’s a small, quiet community. Everyone we’ve met here is so welcoming. It’s that small town enigma that’s so special and hard to find,” Phaedra said.

 She admits she enjoys the quiet and calm that seems to thrive in Jeanerette.

 “I love Main Street. We enjoy walking and imagining the stories the buildings could tell us. It’s that sense of history that is very attractive. We are close enough to everything, but enjoy the bedroom community feeling,” she said.

Opening a new business may be a brave undertaking, but it’s one the Stockstills are ready for.

 “Being brave is definitely part of it. Not letting other influences affect our decision is a big part of why we do it,” Jeremy said.

 “For me it’s because we both have a global mind set,” Phaedra said. “We are involved in e- commerce. It opens your mind to a global economy. Because of this we’re not relying on just a U.S. economy.”

 “Our market is global. It’s not a limited market,” Jeremy added. Because of this their target market spans from the approximately 6,000 members in the community to billions worldwide. Dollars received from other countries will be spent in Jeanerette further helping the local economy, Phaedra said.

 Outside the Box will sell unique, gifting gadgets in a boutique setting. The items in the store will consistently change to keep the appeal of the store fresh.

 “What’s here today may not be here tomorrow,” Jeremy said. Phaedra commented that their store will be like no other in the area and will focus on the technology products they love with the down home personal service that’s hard to come by.

 “It will be fun seeing Jeanerette exposed to these items. Jeremy and I have a passion for helping people,” Phaedra said. “I love sharing the knowledge we have gained. That passion helps drive us.”

 The store will have its own “geek bar” and impeccable service, she added. “We can provide a one on one service to teach and explain technology,” Phaedra said. “We expect to give one on one service so customers can make the best decisions for their needs.”

The Stockstills are excited about the challenges they will face to find that next unique outside the box item to bring to their store. They hope to keep their inventory new, fresh, and unexpected, Jeremy said. 

 “I think there is a lot of potential here (in Jeanerette) when you combine the mindset of a Main Street atmosphere with a global one,” Phaedra said.

 Passion and determination have been the backbone of Phaedra’s life. A family tragedy instilled in her the drive to face insurmountable challenges.

 “It instills into you a work ethic you don’t get in a classroom. My Dad’s my hero. To have seen what he has worked through and accomplished, how can that not influence you. You learn when a stumbling block comes up there’s two choices, to go over or around, but there’s always a way,” she said. 

 Being parents themselves, it was important to the Stockstills to continue that same drive they grew up with as they sought challenges for their five children. The school system was one thing they researched before making the move to Jeanerette. After Jeremy looked at the accomplishments and test scores of the area schools the couple felt that the local schools were the best choice to provide the challenges they sought academically for their daughter. They also were pleased to find out about the wonderful people that live in the community.

 “Your neighbors in the community are such a huge asset,” Phaedra said. “We heard of the wonderful things going on.” 

The couple expects to enjoy a great future in Jeanerette and hope that they can grow their business in order to open other businesses in the city.

 “We would like to grow our different talents here in Jeanerette,” Phaedra added. 

For now their first goal is to open Outside of the Box. The store will begin by giving a discount on opening day on top of their already low prices. Outside the Box will open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information you may visit their Facebook page or contact them at 337-276-9911.

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