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Born On The Bayou-Chris Grisaffe & Louisiana's Leroux

10/24/2012 04:38PM ● Published by ALS Editor

Chris Grisaffe

Born On The Bayou

Chris Grisaffe & Louisiana's Leroux

By Chris Grisaffe

Take a ride on a riverboat…………Gonna leave and that’s all she wrote……

That is a melodic line a lot of folks down here are quite familiar with. Tonight begins my ride, of a different sort. I will be riding the musical parade of Louisiana music, musicians, and people who make it happen, and writing about it along the way. I hope my words can convey the experiences in this format with the opportunity I have been awarded.

I begin my journalistic endeavor with Louisiana’s Leroux. I caught up with the band at a pre show Gumbo party in Lafayette, before the show at River Ranch on October 11.

As I walked through the door of an incredibly fabulous private home in Lafayette, the smell of roux was thick in the air. Knowing that food would be served, I had skipped lunch in anticipation of the gumbo. My stomach instantly growled to remind me of that. Looking around the room, I spotted band members I knew and recognized, and some I was not sure about. I made my way through the dining room, to the kitchen, shaking hands and meeting folks along the way. Our host showed us to the gumbo and whatever else we needed.

Leroux is a band that continues to find the perfect people to keep their music alive. Keith Landry is the newest lead singer, and is a prime example of the perfect fit. He brought me up to speed on what the band was up to. “Saturday, we will be with Elvin Bishop at the voice of the Wetlands Festival in Houma.” “You should try and come out.” Now living in the Nashville area, Keith rarely gets to come home, unless its band related. “Only if I am working,” he said.

We chatted a bit more about local music and different styles before I noticed band members were signing items in preparation for the show that night. Having my own, I quickly went out and retrieved my Leroux eight track tape, a 45 vinyl copy of “New Orleans Ladies”’, and a couple of original LP’s. As always, the eight track draws the most attention. With signatures in hand for the St Jude benefit the next weekend, my adrenaline level could now drop a few notches. “Lets go fellows…ten minutes” Leon Medica announced to the room right about that time. A chorus of moans about having to leave so soon for a later curtain call quickly filled the room… it emptied in accordance with the request. On to the venue, and adreline rises once again.

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