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From the publisher - Oct. 2012

09/28/2012 10:32AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

You and I owe $51,093 each –and it’s increasing every day!

I hope this shocks you. I don’t have a thing to show for this and you probably don’t either. I didn’t remodel my home, buy a new car, take a trip of a lifetime with this money. In fact, I’m not sure where my $51,093 went. And, in case you’re wondering, I am not insane.

This $51,093 is my share of the U.S. National Debt. And my wife owes the same amount. And so do you! Do you have children? They also owe $51,093 each. Grandchildren? Great grandchildren? Same story here. Most of us responsible citizens take our obligations seriously. We pay our mortgages and car notes on time.

So how can we get this $51,093 burden off our backs? You’re wondering, “Where can I send my payment?” The short answer is we’re stuck owing this money for our entire lives. And even worse, the balance is growing every day.

What I’m bringing to your attention is the U.S. National Debt As of the writing of this piece, the total is $16,020,083,705,778.62. That reads as a tad over $16 trillion.

You and I should be concerned. No, we should be furious. Much of this debt is money wasted by our government. This didn’t just happen in the last few years. It’s a monumental problem that our elected officials fail to deal with. The National debt has been growing by $3.85 billion per day since Sept. 28, 2007. We have got to tell Congress and the White House that we are fed up. Their irresponsible actions will no longer be tolerated. We must confront our elected officials and the candidates for election on Nov. 6 and clearly state that we will not accept this irresponsible action any longer.

When you consider just a few of the ways the federal government throws around our money, you can quickly become nauseated, if not nearly deathly ill. Recently the U.S. Embassy in Egypt was attacked with serious damage to the facility.

Attackers burned the American flag. This is a country we spent untold millions if not billions to help liberate just a year ago. And now, it’s reported that we give them $1.5 billion annually in foreign aid. If we stopped giving this money and applied it to our National Debt, we wouldn’t be so deep in the hole. And this is only one example of the vast amount of waste of resources going on in Washington.

Unless our country admits there is a real problem maintaining this debt level and takes steps to reverse the increase, economists predict our country will be broke within a matter of 10 to 20 years. Can we accept this scenario?

No way, you say. Make your voice heard on November 6 and thereafter. Our only recourse is an informed public that speaks out on the issues. Elected officials must come to realize that they can no longer keep us in the dark.

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In your opinion, what steps should be taken to began reducing the National Debt?

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