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Soul Of Acadiana

08/10/2012 02:30PM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

The Listenen Church

The Listenen' Church

Poetry and Photography by Mickey Delcambre

Well, good morning to you Mr.Jackson
Good morning to you, Mrs. Brown
It’s been quite some time Mr. Jackson
Thirty-two years, Mrs. Brown

You were married in this church I remember
To that sweet girl, Sarah Mae
Please tell me how is she doing
Why isn’t she with you today?

I’m fraid it’s a long long story
And I sure won’t waste your time
Let’s get in the shade of that tree there
I’ll listen, if you’ll be so kind.

Well you know I worked in the cane
And then I worked in the Mill
Was gonna be just like my daddy
Me and my brother Bill

But the Army called me up
They needed some men to fight
When I told poor Sarah Mae
She cried the rest of the night

So I told her I had two weeks
Before I had to go
We had the time to marry
No more could she say no.

So right in this here church
The preacher did us right
I only had three days left
Before I left to fight

Now Sarah stayed with my mother
While I flew off to Nam
I sent a lot of letters
She read them all to my mom

Now Mrs. Brown, I know it’s warm here
Sure you want to listen to this?
Young man I love to listen
Not one word will I miss

Now Jackson knew the reason
She wanted to listen well
The preacher’s talk was on listenen'
If you want to stay out of hell

So I fought in that terrible war
For three years did I stay
I looked to go home to Sarah
But I ended on a base with more pay

They let me go pick up my Sarah
And bring her to Georgia to stay
We had a nice home to raise up some kids
With schools and some places to play

Now Mrs. Brown was getting antsy
The sweat dripped down her cheek
Young man let’s talk about Sarah
She was sweltering in the heat

Well it all happened just two years ago
The cancer, it took her and she died
My children are married and live far away
And with that he looked down and he sighed

So I’m here at this church to start my new life
I’m too young to give it up now
I got a great start last time I was here
This preacher will show me how

She looked at this man and knew he was good
His story was long but so new
This church had the power to show him the way
If there was good listenen' too

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